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The reciprocating screw extruder features a melt pump design, and is excellent for color masterbatch or concentrate, high loading filler masterbatch, hot melt adhesive, engineering plastic, engineered elastomer, food, etc.

Melt Pump Functions
The melt pump used by this reciprocating screw machinery is mounted between main extruder and die head. It is capable of further homogenizing materials, ensuring stable pressure in the extruding process, lowering extruding temperature of the material, reducing power consumption as well as improving stability of the compound extruder and quality of the product. In addition, the melt pump of the reciprocating screw extruder can eliminate the surging and other fluctuations, provide high pressures at low product temperatures, compensate for the pumping or mixing capacity of the extruder as well as possibly cut down the start-up time.

Design Advantages
1. This reciprocating single screw extruder adopts the variable frequency control device characterized by reliable and high performance.
2. The multipoint temperature data logger ensures accurate temperature control and small error.
3. This single screw extrusion machine uses the advanced mechanical and electrical interlock unit which is able to effectively protect the machine and people from possible dangers.
4. In addition, on the equipment control cabinet, there is an analog display board which directly and explicitly demonstrates working conditions of each part of the machine.
5. Installed on the back of the mixer extruder, the melt pump is connected with the molding die head. Such an arrangement can reduce pelletizing procedures, shorten production period, save a lot of energy and lower production cost.
6. The melt pump is externally fitted with heating and cooling devices which can control the temperature within a certain range. In this way, it is able to keep optimal operation state. This melt pump can be heated with the electricity or oil.
7. In line with properties of materials and processing requirements, our reciprocating screw extruder is available with multiple types of feeding systems, such as volumetric type, gravimetric type, etc.

Technical Specifications

Model SJW-45(M) SJW-70(M) SJW-100(M) SJW-140(M) SJW-200(M)
Screw Diameter (mm) 45 70 100 140 200
Length Diameter Ratio 15 ~ 25 15 ~ 25 15 ~ 25 15 ~ 25 15 ~ 25
Reciprocating Stroke (mm) 6.75 10.5 15 21 30
Main Motor Power (kW) 15 ~ 30 55 ~ 75 90 ~ 132 160 ~ 300 350~550
Max. Screw Revolution Speed (RPM) 500 500 500 500 500
Reference Output (kg/hour) 40~50 150~200 300~400 800~1000 3000~4000

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