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The two stage reciprocating screw extruder is made up of a reciprocating extrusion unit and a large diameter single screw extruder. After being fully compounded and mixed by the reciprocating extrusion unit, materials are conveyed into the second-stage single screw for extrusion. With the temperature being lowered, they are extruded stably at a low speed. Dividing the entire production process into two separate steps, the two-stage reciprocating screw extrusion system supports varied parameter settings for the independent units, which is very beneficial for material processing.

1. The two stage reciprocating screw extruder is newly developed equipment used to knead the plastic. In comparison with other plastic extruders, this product features smaller length diameter ratio and shorter residence time of melt in the barrel. Since the time is controllable, materials can be protected from degradation.
2. Owing to high dispersive and uniform shearing effects, this compounding extrusion system needs the smallest quantity of pigments and additives, with properties of materials highly guaranteed. Thus, it is very energy efficient.
3. This machine is easy to dismantle and clean. Its spare parts can all be repaired in a fast, convenient and safe way. Since the pressure of the barrel is very low and internal friction is very small, our mixer extruder is able to work stably with little noise.

This reciprocating screw extruder is especially suitable for PVC compounding and pelletizing, shoe sole compound, concentrated color masterbatch, various wire and cable compounds including XLPE, HFFR, etc.

Technical Specifications

Model SJW-45(C) SJW-70(C) SJW-100(C) SJW-140(C) SJW-200(C)
Screw Diameter(mm) 45 70 100 140 200
Length Diameter Ratio 20 ~ 25 20 ~ 25 20 ~ 25 20 ~ 25 20 ~ 25
Reciprocating Stroke (mm) 6.75 10.5 15 21 30
Main Motor Power (kW) 15 ~ 30 55 ~ 75 90 ~ 132 160 ~ 300 350~550
Second-stage Screw Diameter 60 120 150 200 280
Second-stage L/D Ratio 7 ~ 8 7 ~ 8 7 ~ 8 7 ~ 8 7 ~ 8
Second-stage Power (kW) 15~22 37~45 55~75 90~110 132~160
Max. Screw Revolution Speed (RPM) 500 500 500 500 500
Reference Output (kg/hour) 40~70 150~250 300~500 800~1200 1900~3600

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