Reciprocating Screw Extruder for Thermoplastics

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With the unique working principle and accurate temperature control, the SJW (T) series reciprocating screw extruder has found wide applications in the fields of thermoplastics. The thermoplastic extrusion machine is also applicable for powder coating and toner, bakelite molding compound as well as polymer including epoxy, acrylic, urethane, polyester, etc.

The thermocouple can be inserted into the hollow kneading pins at different positions along the process section for precise measurement of melt temperature. In addition, the temperature difference is small and temperature curve is uniform. The impeccable cooling and heating systems as well as the accurate temperature measurement ensure the unique role of our reciprocating screw extrusion system in processing temperature and heat sensitive materials.

As its name indicates, the reciprocating screw extruder for thermoplastics features reciprocating movement. In this way, the whole process can be conducted in just one production cycle, from material mixing, kneading and plasticizing through to dispersing, homogenizing as well as degassing.

This reciprocating screw extruder is equipped with the non-stop automatic screen changers which are capable of alleviating labor intensity and reducing raw material consumption. This helps bring down production costs. Owing to stable and reliable technical parameters as well as other advantages, this range of plastic extruder is high performance plastic processing equipment.

Technical Specifications

Model SJW-45(T) SJW-70(T) SJW-100(T) SJW-140(T) SJW-200(T)
Screw Diameter(mm) 45 70 100 140 200
Length Diameter Ratio 7 ~ 15 7 ~ 15 7 ~ 15 7 ~ 15 7 ~ 15
Reciprocating Stroke(mm) 6.75 10.5 15 21 30
Main Motor Power (kW) 15 ~ 30 55 ~ 75 90 ~ 132 160 ~ 220 350~450
Max. Screw Revolution Speed (RPM) 500 500 500 500 500
Reference Output kg/hour 40~60 300~700 500~1200 800~1600 2100~4300

We are a China-based thermoset type compounding extruder manufacturer and supplier. Apart from compound extrusion machines, we also offer co-rotating twin screw extruder, plastic recycling line, PET color masterbatch, and ancillary equipment for extruder, among others.

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