Working Principle

The SJW Co-Kneader differentiates from the traditional single and double screw extruders in respect of working principle. The spiral of the kneading screw is disconnected by 3 gaps per revolution, giving birth to kneading flights. There are 3 rows of stationary kneading pins on the barrel lining. The screw is able to circumrotate and reciprocally move in the axial direction. Owing to such a unique mode of motion, materials are sheared between pins and kneading flights. They are transported in a reciprocating way. The combination of the axial and radial kneading greatly guarantees optimal dispersive and distributive compounding effects. By different arrangements of screw elements, the working pressure can be stabilized and the temperature will not fluctuate. Thus, materials can be free from degradation in the barrel.

With the help of the water cooling system inside the barrel and screw, the processing temperature can be precisely regulated and it is much lower than those of other mixing systems. Materials can be processed at their softening temperature. Accordingly, the use of the Co-Kneader will ensure less degradation of materials and premium quality.

1. The Co-Kneader can be used for processing materials at the softening temperature. The melt temperature is relatively low. This product comes with optimal temperature control and is free of temperature fluctuations.
2. It supplies mild shearing effects without shear spikes.
3. This product has strong self-cleaning ability.
4. It also delivers excellent dispersive or homogenous mixing effects without destroying the structure of fine filler. Polymer matrix can be equally treated. Additionally, there is no dead compounding zone.
5. Our co-kneading machine has the high filling rate.
6. It is capable of effectively blending liquid components.
7. This Co-Kneader is suitable for various materials without the need to change hardware.
8. It is characterized by low energy input.
9. The barrel can be axially opened for easy cleaning and fast maintenance.
10. Spare parts, like screw element, barrel neck bush and pin, can be changed individually.

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