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The SHJ series modular co-rotating twin screw extruder is manufactured with modular construction. According to the material to be processed and the requirement of process formula, this co-rotating extruder supports flexible configuration and adjustment of the length diameter ratio, extrusion barrel structure, extrusion screw arrangement, screen changing, quantity and position of the vent hole, feeding method, electrical control system, etc. For this reason, our range of twin screw plastic extruder is able to realize multiple functions, which make it suitable for processing polymer materials. It can be applied for masterbatch, cable compound, plastic alloy, powder coating and toner, etc.

The modular co-rotating twin screw extruder is composed of driving and extruding systems. The driving system includes gearbox and motor. The extruding system comprises central shaft, barrel and screw.

This compounding extrusion system comes with desirable mixing performances and good self-cleaning ability. Owing to the flexible modular construction, it realizes better plasticizing, dispersing and shearing effects than the single screw type does. This multifunctional extrusion machine can be used to process materials in different ways. So far, it has been widely used for processing food, chemical product, etc.

Technical Specifications

Model SHJ-20 SHJ-35 SHJ-50 SHJ-65 SHJ-75 SHJ-95
Screw Diameter 20mm 35 mm 50 mm 65 mm 75 mm 95 mm
Screw Revolution Speed (RPM) 300/500 300/500 300/500 300/500 300/500 300/500
L/D Ratio 28 ~ 48 28 ~ 48 28 ~ 48 28 ~ 48 32 ~ 48 32 ~ 48
Main Motor Power (kW) 4 15~18.5 37~45 55~75 90~110 180/250
Reference Output(kg/h) 5~15 20~60 70~150 100~400 200~700 700~1500

We are a specialized modular co-rotating twin screw extruder manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as thermoset type reciprocating screw machinery, PET bottle recycling line, as well as plastic products such as the PET fiber.

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