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The PSHJ series twin screw extruder featuring clamshell barrel comes with screw and barrel which are both constructed in line with the building block principle. The extrusion barrel can be opened in just a few minutes, which makes the co-rotating extruder readily available for extrusion a different type of product. This design also ensures convenient maintenance.

The screw configuration, barrel installation, feeding and venting systems, screen changing as well as pelletizing way can be determined according to actual requirements to realize versatility of this extrusion machine in other general applications.

1. When the twin screw extruder is utilized for masterbatch compounding, the processing zone can be easily opened up. The whole mixing process can be analyzed via observing the melt profile on the screw. As the color is changed, the ordinary twin screw extrusion system requires lots of cleaning materials. This wastes not only time and electricity but also raw materials. By contrast, this range of plastic extrusion line is free of such problems. When the color is changed, its clamshell barrels can be opened in a few minutes for manual cleaning. This process requires less or no cleaning materials, thus greatly saving costs.

2. When repairing the common extruding machines, the operator often needs to dismount heating and cooling devices as well as to pull out the whole screw. As for our twin screw extruders with the clamshell type barrel design, the operator only needs to loosen several bolts and to turn the handle of worm gear case to lift up the upper part of the barrel. Then, the entire barrel is opened and the operator can conduct the maintenance. In this way, the maintenance time is shortened and labor intensity is reduced. Thus, the aim of high output, premium quality and great efficiency are achieved.

1. Our co-rotating twin screw extruder design with clamshell style barrel design can be used to manufacture inorganic filled plastic, blend rubber and plastic, produce plastic alloy, color plastic, etc.
2. It is great for glass fiber reinforced engineering materials, flame-retardant pelletization, etc.
3. This twin screw extrusion system is also great for masterbatch compounding. It is suitable for producing masterbatch which owns special usage, such as bacterium and weather resistance, insulation, toughening, etc.
4. It is excellent for light and biodegradable film, amylum degradable plastic, multi-functional anti-fog film, etc.
5. The twin screw extruder can be employed to process special materials for automobile and household appliance, communication and power cable compounds, etc.
6. It is also an ideal solution for thermoplastic extrusion. It is applicable for thermoplastic elastomers, such as TPR, TPE, and SBS, etc.
7. This product is great for modified pallets, such as PVC sealing strips, hot melt adhesive, etc.

Technical Specifications

Model PSHJ-20 PSHJ-35 PSHJ-50 PSHJ-65 PSHJ-75
Screw Diameter 20 mm 35 mm 50 mm 65 mm 75 mm
Screw Revolution Speed (RPM) 300/500 300/500 300/500 300/500 300/500
L/D Ratio 28~48 28 ~ 48 28 ~ 48 28 ~ 48 28 ~ 48
Main Motor Power (kW) 4 15~18.5 37~45 55~75 90~110
Reference Output (kg/h) 5~15 20~60 70~150 100~400 200~700

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