Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder

    1. Modular Co-Rotating Twin Screw ExtruderAccording to the material to be processed and the requirement of process formula, this co-rotating extruder supports flexible configuration and adjustment of the length diameter ratio, extrusion barrel structure, extrusion screw arrangement, screen changing, quantity and position of the vent hole, feeding method, electrical control system, etc.
    1. Twin Screw Extruder with Clamshell BarrelWhen repairing the common extruding machines, the operator often needs to dismount heating and cooling devices as well as to pull out the whole screw. As for our twin screw extruders with the clamshell type barrel design, the operator only needs to loosen several bolts and to turn the handle of worm gear case to lift up the upper part of the barrel.
    1. High Speed Co-Rotating Twin Screw ExtruderThese famous brand key components from original manufacturers makes sure our co-rotating twin screw extruders have stable operation, low power consumption per unit yield, high production capacity, etc.

Our company is the birthplace of China's first reciprocating single screw extruder boasting exceptional mixing effects. It is also a specialist co-rotating twin screw extruder manufacturer and owns technology patent. Our range of co-rotating extruders are perfect for mixing and compounding masterbatch into plastic raw materials.

Available Types
The twin screw extrusion machine is available in the modular type, clamshell barrel type and high speed high torque type.
1. The modular type twin screw plastic extruders are designed with the modular construction. By arranging the screw and barrel variably, they can be applied in a wide variety of fields and it is suitable for different process formula.
2. When the masterbatch is made, the color often needs changing. The barrel of the clamshell barrel type co-rotating twin screw extruder can be opened in several minutes for manual cleaning. This can not only save cleaning materials but also help the operator know the wear conditions of parts. In addition, the spare parts can be effectively repaired or changed. The whole mixing process can be analyzed in view of the melt profile on the screws.

Design Advantages of Extrusion Barrel
Owing to the modular design for extrusion barrel, our range of co-rotating twin screw extruder supports independent controls on each section of the extrusion. The barrel temperature can be separately set up with the assistance of electric heater and water cooling device. The barrel, screw and kneading elements are made of nitrided steel in the standard version and the wear resistant version can be manufactured with suitable materials according to customers' specific requirements. Additionally, the screw elements can be changed in a very short time.

The barrel and screw elements can be freely configured in a respective way to optimally suit different process formula. This is beneficial for achievement of best mixing effects. According to the demands for conveying, plasticizing, mixing, shearing, homogenizing, degassing plus pressure buildup, different process zones can be built up interchangeably. This co-rotating twin screw extruder owns all the characteristics of other products of this kind. It is capable of realizing great output, premium quality as well as high efficiency.

Compounding Processes
1. Metering
2. Feeding and Conveying
3. Melting
4. Dispersion or Homogenization
5. Degassing
6. Pressure Buildup
7. Screening
8. Pelletizing or Producing Other Semi-finished Products


Our (P) SHJ series co-rotating twin screw extruder is an ideal solution to precise compounding of polyolefin, engineered plastic and other continuous processes. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, we can bring our customers consistent high production efficiency, premium quality product as well as maximum cost effectiveness.

Some Application Cases

1. Color Masterbatch
PE, PP, ABS, AS, PA, EVA, PET+ pigment

2. Filler Masterbatch
PE,PP, EVA, etc.+ CaCO3, talcum powder, titanium dioxide, etc.
ABS, PC, PS, etc. + ATH, MGH, etc.
PP, PA, ABS + ferrous powder, ceramic powder, etc.

3. Reinforced Masterbatch
PP, PBT, ABS, AS, PA, PC, POM, PPS, PET+ long or short glass fibers

4. Functional Masterbatch
PE, PP, PS, etc. + starch, decomposing agent
PP, PA, ABS, PBT, etc. + flame retardant agent
PE, EVA, ABS, etc. + conductive carbon black

5. Wire and Cable Compounds
HFFR, XLPE, semi-conductive, sioplas, etc.

6. Powder Coating Materials
Hybrid, polyester, polyurethane, epoxy, etc.

7. Direct Extrusion
Masterbatch Samples Produced by Our Compounding Equipment

As a professional co-rotating twin screw extruder manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide a broad range of products, including reciprocating screw extrusion system, PET color masterbatch, single screw compounding extruder, among others.