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The extruder feeding system we supply here includes volumetric type and gravimetric type. The volumetric feeder is suitable for solid materials with the feeding accuracy ranging from 2 to 5%. The gravimetric feeder is employed to weigh materials so as to achieve a desirable discharge rate or batch weight. Its feeding accuracy is not more than ±0.5%.

Introduction of Volumetric Screw Feeder
The volumetric feeding system is great for batch or continuous use when the bulk density of the material being fed is consistent or when the feeding accuracy does not mean too much for the end product quality. It is characterized by easy operation and low cost. The motor speed regulator employs a frequency inverter which may be supplied by the end user.

In order to satisfy an extensive range of feed rates, our volumetric feeding equipment can be made into various models and can be supplied with the hopper in different sizes. All types of volumetric feeding systems come with reliable and consistent performances. Specifically speaking, the single screw type is excellent for easy flowing materials while the twin screw type extruder feeding unit is ideal for bulk materials hard to treat.

1. Single Screw Type
The single screw feeder is used for a number of materials including pellets, granules and free flowing powders. Given the materials to be fed, it can be equipped with various interchangeable feed screws. The selection of the feed screw is dependent on the properties of the bulk solid materials to be fed. This extruder feeding system is installed on a painted steel base plate. Its parts in contact with materials are all manufactured with stainless steel. This feeding equipment can be easily dismantled for cleaning or replacement. Its feeding bowl comes with a horizontal agitator in order to enhance the material filling performances of screw flights. Such a design makes materials flow uniformly into the screw from all directions. In this way, materials can be effectively prevented from agglomeration and accurate feeding is achieved.

2. Twin Screw Type
The twin screw volumetric feeder is designed for materials difficult to be handled, such as poor flowing powders, fibers and flakes. It features high feed accuracy. This extruder feeding system can be disassembled effortlessly for easy cleaning and changeover of parts. Additionally, the parts that contact with materials are all made of stainless steel. The feeding bowl adopts a horizontal agitator in order to help screw flights better fill materials. The design of the feeding bowl enables materials to follow evenly into the screw from all directions, so materials are hard to be agglomerated. Meanwhile, the feeding is much more accurate. The vertical agitator is also available for poor flowing powders which tend to bridge. The selection of appropriate feed screw greatly counts on the characteristics of the materials to be fed.

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