SHR Series High Speed Laboratory Mixer

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The SHR series high speed laboratory mixer is designed with a small gap between the stirring paddle and the container wall, thus materials can be prevented from bonding together. Moreover, the standard mixing drive box ensures stable operation but requires low maintenance costs. When the high speed mixing system works, the motor should keep running stably. The temperature rise is required to be at a normal level.

1. The SHR series high speed laboratory mixer comes with advanced design, appealing look, high reliability and safety as well as convenient operation with low noise.
2. It is also characterized by high efficiency but low energy consumption.
3. This laboratory equipment can be optionally equipped with variable frequency control device to protect motor and power supply line. Meanwhile, the electricity can be saved by 20 to 25%.
4. The main shaft of this high speed mixing machine employs the patented seal structure to prevent powder from leakage in the course of operation.
5. Materials can be manually or pneumatically discharged.

SHR series high speed laboratory mixer features outstanding properties. It is composed of base, blending container, transmission device as well as heating unit. Owing to the small circular motion, this mixing unit is great for places which may have potential dangers. With the employment of cantilever shaft, the bearing is not in contact with materials.

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