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The SRL series high speed mixing unit is mainly used to compound, stir, dry and dye various kinds of materials in plastic, rubber, pharmacy, food as well as other industries. This mixing machine uses both hot and cold mixers. After being processed in the hot mixer, materials can automatically enter into the cold mixer for cooling. In this case, residual gas will be removed and processed materials will be prevented from agglomeration.

The main shaft rotational structure of the high speed mixing unit is added with the surface bearing specially used to bear the axial force. Previously, the top bearing is responsible for both radial force and axial force. Owing to the new design, the mixing system will be well protected from damage. Accordingly, the operation life of the machine can be prolonged to a large extent.

As the blade and belt bully have both passed the balance test, the high speed mixer will not vibrate when operating. Its material discharge part is specially designed in line with characteristics of solid materials. This has avoided disadvantages of the traditional design made in accordance with features of liquid materials. What's more, materials are hard to leak. This mixing unit will be the first choice for the manufacturers of profiles and pipes.

Technical Specifications

Item Total Volume
Effective Volume
Motor Power Rotation Speed
of Main Shaft
Heating Method Material Unloading Way
SRL-100/200 100/200 75/130 14/22/5.5 525/1050/130 6kw/ water pneumatic power
SRL-200/500 200/500 150/320 30/42/7.5 490/980/110 6kw/ water
SRL-300/600 300/600 225/380 40/55/11 480/960/100 6kw/ water
SRL-500/1000 500/1000 375/640 47/67/15 441/882/80 6kw/ water
SRL-800/2000 800/2000 560/1280 83/110/18.5 330/660/50 self friction/ water
SRL-800/2500 800/2500 560/1280 83/110/22 330/660/50 self friction/ water

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