Ancillary Equipment for Extruder

    1. Plastic Extruder Spare PartsWe have large amount of screw extruder parts and components in stock. We can satisfy each of your demand for reciprocating single screw extruder parts, and co-rotating twin screw extruder components. Upon request, we can deliver plastic extruder spare parts such as the extrusion screw, pins, and neck bush in 24 hours via courier.
    1. Feeding SystemThe extruder feeding system we supply here includes volumetric type and gravimetric type. The volumetric feeder is suitable for solid materials with the feeding accuracy ranging from 2 to 5%. The gravimetric feeder is employed to weigh materials so as to achieve a desirable discharge rate or batch weight. Its feeding accuracy is not more than ±0.5%.
    1. Pelletizing SystemIn line with customers' different requirements for material processing, we supply a series of pelletizing system. Our range of granulating system is available in variety of types, including the water strand type, air cooling and die face type, eccentric water fog type, water ring type, as well as underwater type.

We can offer high quality upstream and downstream equipment for your reciprocating single screw extruder and twin screw compounding extruder.

Available types of screw extruder ancillary equipment include the plastic feeding system, pelletizing system, high speed mixer, as well as extruder spare parts such as extrusion screw, melt pump, etc. 

These extruder accessories and auxiliary equipment play essential roles in the whole extruding system. Our company is dedicated to providing turnkey solutions for customers throughout the world.