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Our company can supply a complete set of PET bottle recycling line. In order to provide clean and clear crushed PET bottles suitable for chemical fiber industry, we integrate developed technology. Aiming to meet different requirements of customers around the world, we adopt the modular PET bottle recycling machinery which features functions of crushed bottle sorting, crushing, pre-washing, descaling, label removing, hot water steam washing, rinsing, dewatering, drying as well as packaging.

Our fiber and masterbatch plants consume 100 tons of PET materials per day. The crushed bottles made by this plastic recycling system can completely satisfy the quality need in the fiber industry. We also supply turnkey service and will buy back the crushed bottles from the customers purchasing our PET bottle recycling line.

Components of the Whole Plastic Recycling Line

No. Item Power (kW) Screw
7 Screw Conveyor 3 Φ400×4500
8 Steam Churn Boiler 7.5 Φ2000×2200
8 Steam Churn Boiler 7.5 Φ2000×2200
9 Discharger 4 Φ400×4500
9 Discharger 4 Φ400×4500
10 Frictional Separator 7.5 Φ500×4000
11 Sink and Float Tank 4×2=8 Φ400×5000
12 Sink and Float Tank 4×2=8 Φ400×5000
13, 14 Spin Dryer 7.5 Φ600×1400
Electric Panel Piano Size

Other Equipment
Bale Opener: 4 motors, 12kw, 2500mm×2000mm×1500mm
Bottle Conveyor: 1.5kw, length: 6000mm
Label Remover: 30kw, 4538×2000×2954
Bottle Flakes Sorting Conveyor: 1.5kw, length: 800mm
Crusher/Shredder: 800kg/hour~1200kg/hour


The PET bottle recycling line is especially used for crushing and cleaning waste mineral water bottles as well as other rigid plastics. With the help of the brand-new rinse device, materials can be washed just after being crushed. This not only significantly improves production efficiency but also makes materials thoroughly cleaned.

This range of plastic waste recycling system comes with pleasing appearance, low power consumption, high output, great practicality as well as high reliability. Due to high automation degree and exceptional operational performances, it has effectively promoted the recycle of waste plastics and made a good contribution to environment protection.

As an experienced PET bottle recycling line manufacturer in China, XINDA also provides PP/PE film recycling line, PET fiber (polyester staple fiber), thermoset type reciprocating single screw extruder, high speed mixer, and much more.

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