Plastic Recycling Line

    1. PET Bottle Recycling LineThe PET bottle recycling line is especially used for crushing and cleaning waste mineral water bottles as well as other rigid plastics. With the help of the brand-new rinse device, materials can be washed just after being crushed. This not only significantly improves production efficiency but also makes materials thoroughly cleaned.
    1. PP/PE Film Recycling LineOwing to high degree of automation, this PP and PE film recycling line can effectively save labor costs. Its concise and reasonable design satisfies requirements for environment protection in recycling waste plastics.

From the very beginning to the end, the standard cleaning equipment of this plastic recycling line is capable of easily cleaning up waste plastic products, such as coke bottle, agricultural film, packaging materials, hard plastic, etc. This can not only protect the environment from contamination but also help customers effectively make use of resources.

Our plastic recycling equipment comes with the features of high automation degree, low electricity consumption, high output and exceptional cleaning effects.

The plastic recycling line is classified into PET bottle recycling machinery as well as PP and PE film recycling equipment. By using the former type, the used PET bottle can be reproduced into the PET material after a series of appropriate treatments. Thus, such materials can be made into products again. The latter type is made up of crusher, dewatering machine, heater, pipeline drying system, etc. It has the ability to process PE and PP plastics, plastic garbage impurities as well as other things. The concise and effective design makes the whole plastic waste recycling system deeply welcomed by users.

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