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Our company is a leading PET color masterbatch manufacturer in China. Our plastic coloring agents have been widely applied to produce polyester filament and staple as well as non-woven fabric. They are able to add a value to the polyester fiber in terms of color and function. Customized polyester masterbatch products are also available here.

Our PET color masterbatch comes with high dispersive ability, attributed to the state-of-art equipment. The production equipment incorporates 7 sets of SJW reciprocating screw extruders including 1 set of SJW-45 type, 2 sets of SJW-70 type, 3 sets of SJW-100 type as well as 1 set of SJW-140 type. Additionally, our laboratory is equipped with 5 sets of twin screw extruders used for color matching. These make sure our range of plastic additives have high quality.

In 2006, we produced 15,000 tons of color masterbatch, about 70% of which was the black type. The polyester black type is made by dispersing carbon black into the PET carrier resin. It boasts exceptional dispersive ability when used for the dope dyed PET fibers.

Classifications of Polyester Black Type

Mode Color Application
ZY GA01 Super Black POY
ZY GA02 Super Black PSF
ZY GA03 Super Black RE-PSF
ZY GA04 Black RE-PSF

In line with customers' specific requirements, the PET color masterbatch of various kinds can be provided for polyester fibers having different usages. It can be used for automotive using textiles, awnings and other outdoor supplies, upholstery and home textiles, apparel, etc. In addition, 25kg of product is packed in one bag and the packing bag has two layers.

The dosage of the color masterbatch and the spinning process should be adjusted in reference to the actual raw materials and production equipment. The temperature should be controlled between 280°C and 295°C. Due to strong water adsorption ability, the product should be dried up thoroughly before being used so as to protect product quality from influence.

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