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Our chemical fiber company specializes in the production of PET fiber with the annual output up to 25,000 tons. Made of crushed PET bottles and other recycled PET materials, our polyester staple fiber features low production costs. Hence, its price is very low.

Our polyester fiber primarily includes raw white type, optical white type, virgin-like reddish white type, virgin-like bluish white type, chip spinning type, super white type, black type and various color types. The color chemical fiber is made with the masterbatch and technical supports from our masterbatch company.

The PET fiber is mainly applied for spinning yarns Ne 8~32s, open-end or ring-spun type, for non woven via thermal bonding, collodion, needle punching and spun lace as well as for padding of toys, sofas, bedding, etc.

Technical Specifications
1. Size: 1.4D ~15D
2. Cut Length: 32~152mm
3. Tenacity: >4.7CN/dtex
4. Abnormal Fiber: < 100mg/100g
5. Oil Pickup: 0.15%
6. Packing Dimension: 66×95×113 cm
7. Weight: 260 kg
8. Shipping Container: Qty/40'HQ: 25MT

PET is a kind of polymer which has high transparency, good glossiness as well as exceptional mechanical properties. In addition to satisfying extensibility, the PET fiber we supply here is also characterize by outstanding resistance against impact, low and high temperature, acid, alkali, oil as well as other solvents. Its cut length is from 32 to 152mm and oil pickup value is 0.15%.

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