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    1. Reciprocating Screw Extruder with Melt PumpThe melt pump used by this reciprocating screw machinery is mounted between main extruder and die head. It is capable of further homogenizing materials, ensuring stable pressure in the extruding process, lowering extruding temperature of the material, reducing power consumption as well as improving stability of the compound extruder and quality of the product.
    1. Two-stage Reciprocating Screw ExtruderThis machine is easy to dismantle and clean. Its spare parts can all be repaired in a fast, convenient and safe way. Since the pressure of the barrel is very low and internal friction is very small, our mixer extruder is able to work stably with little noise.
    1. Reciprocating Screw Extruder for ThermoplasticsThe impeccable cooling and heating systems as well as the accurate temperature measurement ensure the unique role of our reciprocating screw extrusion system in processing temperature and heat sensitive materials.
    1. Modular Co-Rotating Twin Screw ExtruderAccording to the material to be processed and the requirement of process formula, this co-rotating extruder supports flexible configuration and adjustment of the length diameter ratio, extrusion barrel structure, extrusion screw arrangement, screen changing, quantity and position of the vent hole, feeding method, electrical control system, etc.
    1. Twin Screw Extruder with Clamshell BarrelWhen repairing the common extruding machines, the operator often needs to dismount heating and cooling devices as well as to pull out the whole screw. As for our twin screw extruders with the clamshell type barrel design, the operator only needs to loosen several bolts and to turn the handle of worm gear case to lift up the upper part of the barrel.
    1. High Speed Co-Rotating Twin Screw ExtruderThese famous brand key components from original manufacturers makes sure our co-rotating twin screw extruders have stable operation, low power consumption per unit yield, high production capacity, etc.
    1. Plastic Extruder Spare PartsWe have large amount of screw extruder parts and components in stock. We can satisfy each of your demand for reciprocating single screw extruder parts, and co-rotating twin screw extruder components. Upon request, we can deliver plastic extruder spare parts such as the extrusion screw, pins, and neck bush in 24 hours via courier.
    1. Feeding SystemThe extruder feeding system we supply here includes volumetric type and gravimetric type. The volumetric feeder is suitable for solid materials with the feeding accuracy ranging from 2 to 5%. The gravimetric feeder is employed to weigh materials so as to achieve a desirable discharge rate or batch weight. Its feeding accuracy is not more than ±0.5%.
    1. Pelletizing SystemIn line with customers' different requirements for material processing, we supply a series of pelletizing system. Our range of granulating system is available in variety of types, including the water strand type, air cooling and die face type, eccentric water fog type, water ring type, as well as underwater type.
    1. High Speed Mixer
    1. PET Bottle Recycling LineThe PET bottle recycling line is especially used for crushing and cleaning waste mineral water bottles as well as other rigid plastics. With the help of the brand-new rinse device, materials can be washed just after being crushed. This not only significantly improves production efficiency but also makes materials thoroughly cleaned.
    1. PP/PE Film Recycling LineOwing to high degree of automation, this PP and PE film recycling line can effectively save labor costs. Its concise and reasonable design satisfies requirements for environment protection in recycling waste plastics.
  • PET Color MasterbatchOur company is a leading PET color masterbatch manufacturer in China. Our plastic coloring agents have been widely applied to produce polyester filament and staple as well as non-woven fabric. They are able to add a value to the polyester fiber in terms of color and function.
  • PET Fiber (Polyester Staple Fiber)Our chemical fiber company specializes in the production of PET fiber with the annual output up to 25,000 tons. Made of crushed PET bottles and other recycled PET materials, our polyester staple fiber features low production costs. Hence, its price is very low.