About Us

XINDA is a professional extruder manufacturer in China. Our main products are our reciprocating single screw extruder, co-rotating twin screw extruder, plastic recycling line, and extruder ancillary equipment. Also available are PET fiber and PET color masterbatch. These products have been sold in more than 50 countries and regions throughout the world. By 2012, our total sales volume has reached over 700 units, 550 of which are reciprocating screw extrusion systems for food, plastic, and compound extrusion.

Founded by Mr. Kong Xiangming in 1988, our company is the birthplace of the Co-Kneader in China. We have reciprocating screw extrusion systems in the melt pump, two-stage, and thermoplastics types. Generally speaking, these extrusion machines are characterized by optimum temperature control, mild shearing, strong self-cleaning ability, and excellent dispersive and distributive mixing.

The co-rotating twin screw extruder can be classified as modular, clamshell barrel, or high speed types, and the compounding processes are described as metering, feeding and conveying, melting, dispersion and homogenization, degassing, pressure buildup, screening and palletizing, or producing other semi-finished products.

Our plastic recycling line can be supplied with PET bottle recycling as well as PP and PE film recycling types. The waste recycling equipment sets feature a high degree of automation, great output, and low power consumption. They are great tools that aid users to more effectively utilize energy and protect the environment.

The extruder ancillary equipment we offer mainly consists of plastic extruder spare parts, extruder feeding system, pelletizing system and high speed mixer, which all play important roles in the whole extruding system. Our company is also a leading PET color masterbatch producer in China. The color masterbatch can be used in the production of polyester filament or staple, as well as non-woven fabric. The PET fiber we supply is made of crushed PET bottles and other recycled PET materials, and so have low production costs.

Due to our consistent efforts, our company has earned the government-issued patent certificate and also the high-tech company certificate. Our products have won the high-tech product certificate as well. All the parts of our extruders and ancillary equipment come with lifetime service. Replacement parts are available at any time and can be transported to customers promptly. If an issue arises with a extrusion machine, we will send technicians to the customer within 24 hours of getting a visa. We have always been committed to supplying our customers with the highest quality products and considerate service.